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Witchcraft: The Wonderful Craft of the Modern Day Witch


Do You Want To Be A Witch?

Witches have not received good publicity. Witches always end up to be the bad guys in television shows, movies, and books. But witchcraft is not evil. It is a religion and way of life. It is the craft with only the utmost respect for Mother Nature. They may possess supernatural abilities and can perform rituals that are out of the ordinary but they are not what the society pictures them to be. If you are one of those that believe in the witches’ religion and craft then there are ways you can do to start your path in becoming a witch.

First thing of course is to do a lot of research.

Everything at first is about the fundamentals and less of the practical applications. This is to equip your mind of the basics and what to expect when you become successful in becoming a witch. This is also a good way to think of what you want over and over again.

After reading everything about witches and witchcraft, you should be able to embrace it. Witches love and respect Mother Nature. That includes everything and everyone living in it. You should be able to be in sync with the environment because it will be your guide throughout your journey in becoming a witch.

Next would be finding a place that you feel belong with.

Like an artisan in his workshop, this place will be your haven- the one place where you can do all your rituals freely and without disturbance. You should also make sure that the place you will choose feels right. It will serve as your best friend so make sure that it flows with you.

Make your own Book of Shadows. This book is like the personal journal of witches. This is where they write their experiences and the knowledge they have acquired over the years. Your very own Book of Shadows will be filled with spells and rituals that you can use as reference and will be with you forever.

Live the witches’ life by experiencing magic and practicing spells. This defines witches. Witches can do spells and rituals that can help lift away pain, can protect from harm, etc. You do not need to be frustrated when you cannot do complicated spells at first because it is not possible. Always start with the basics because this will build the foundation of your becoming a witch.

Becoming a witch is a choice. It may have been a family legacy in the ancient history but because of circumstances, the legacy has stopped and so nowadays, the practice of witchcraft is a result of great respect for Mother Nature. And so if you really want to become a witch make sure that your ideals and principles are intact because this craft is not to be taken lightly. This is a way of life for some, a religion even. And so be 100% sure when you start taking your path in learning witchcraft because from this day on everything should be done wholeheartedly.

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When witchcraft is practiced as a religion, it is called by the Old English term for witch, Wicca. This term is used to counter all the negative stereotypes that society has given witchcraft. Wicca is primarily a religion that worships nature, and sees all creation as sacred. In fact, all Wiccan holy days follow the cycles of nature and the changes in the seasons. Wicca also worships both a male and female deity, a female Goddess and a male God, who had together created the world and everything in it.

Black and White Witchcraft

Witchcraft is neither black nor white. Witchcraft is a religion that respects Mother Nature and She is neither completely positive or completely negative, this is the same for witches.

Witchcraft Spells

Spells are used by Wiccans, and are a series of rituals and prayers that are conducted in witchcraft to ask for divine help in a certain aspect of life. All spells must adhere to the Wiccan Reed, the witchcraft code of conduct, meaning that any spells used to manipulate, dominate or control another person is forbidden. In witchcraft, spells may also be changed or adapted to suit a Wiccan’s personality or specific wishes in casting the spell. In this site there are a range of free spells to practice at home.

Witchcraft Book – The Book of Shadows

A good Book of Shadows will serve as a witch craft reference guide a place where you keep tables and correspondences, spells and rituals that you’d like to try, divinatory meanings and many other things of that nature.

The Wiccan Rules (Rede)

The Wiccan Rede is the rule of conduct that all witches must follow while practicing witchcraft. It rules that a witch may engage in any action, as long as it is carefully considered, and their actions harm nobody, including themselves. Witchcraft is ruled by the Threefold Law, which is the belief that any action taken by any witch that affects another person, will come back to the witch threefold, whether it be harm or good.

Beginner Witchcraft, Paganism, Spell craft and Magic

To some, these words have no place outside of fairytales and films; they’re figments of overactive imaginations that don’t belong in the “real world”. Yet to those who believe in them; witches, they’re symbols of pride and a sacred heritage that spans thousands of years.

Who or what are witches? Is there such a thing as magic?