January 18, 2022
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Revenge Spells

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold but, whether you want someone to pay for their bad deeds or intentions either now or in the future, then our Revenge spells can undoubtedly fulfill your expectations. This spell cannot be cast against an innocent party. It is not a spell meant to initiate aggression but one cast to retaliate to either spiritual or physical attacks.

My Revenge Spells can work in many different ways, but one of the significant benefits is to return the bad intentions back upon the sender with the strength increased threefold. With my Revenge Spells, your attacker will quickly learn that you do not make the easiest of targets.

When you are seeking revenge, my Revenge Spells can also delay its response. It can confer upon your attacker the state of bad Karma. This means that your enemy will not feel retaliation immediately, but that they will build bad Karma to be revisited on them sometime in the future. The state of bad Karma, for the recipient, is a tenuous and anxious one, for they never know exactly when they can expect to meet their own negative energies times three!

With my revenge spells, the aura of your enemy is also damaged. It will suffer from increased negativity and, as a result, attract more of the same. Their life will become one in which there are fewer and fewer lighter, happier moments, and they will come to realize that they are a victim of their own misdeeds and bad actions.

If you are seeking revenge and would like to see your attacker feel the full force of their own wickedness, then my Revenge Spells will serve up the punishment they deserve. It might come sooner, or it might come later but, rest assured that they will get their just reward.

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