January 18, 2022
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Control Spells

There are many situations in life where we wish for more control. Today multiple people have the power to affect our existence, and often negatively, so we yearn more than anything to flick a switch and be the ones to hold the reins and regain control over our lives and the path we wish to take.

When others interfere in our world, what we often find is that they put obstacles in our path and make us deviate from the course we have chosen to take. Selfishness, greed, jealousy, thoughtlessness, and even the desire to retain control over us are all negative emotions that drive those who disrupt our lives.

Take comfort then that my Control spells, which has their foundation in Santeria magic, allow you to change the influences of such actions. No matter whether you want to control a man or a woman, a friend, colleague, lover, family member, or business associate, you will be the one who holds the power.

And rest assured that distance will not weaken the power of this spell, because it works remotely. No matter who you want to influence, or where they are, my Control Spells will ensure that this time, you are the one holding the aces.

The magic works by infiltrating the mind of your target, and you can alter their train of thought when it comes to specific actions. It will affect their logic, reasoning, and often their initial motivations. They will be unable to resist the urge to act against the thoughts you place in their mind, no matter how resolute they appeared to be at the outset. They will, particularly if they acted with thoughtlessness, become aware of how their actions have negatively affected you. This kind of control is particularly helpful in cases where a lover has gone astray or is considering doing so.

Your enemies will no longer be able to target you. Those with any harmful intentions will be swerved from their path of action. If you need to take back control of your life, then my Control spell could be just what you need.

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