January 18, 2022
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Banishing Spells

Sometimes there are times in life when you simply want to banish the negativity from your existence. More often, there are people too who you feel are deserving of the same treatment!

Negativity can arise from many sources. It can descend upon us from other dimensions like a dense cloud of uncertainty and apprehension. Often though, it can also arise from our physical surroundings. Maybe our home environment or even the general neighborhood exudes a depressive atmosphere that lacks hope, promise, or any shred of optimism. Here my Banishing Spell can help to lift the negative energies which merge to form this often, seemingly impenetrable cloud.

Sometimes though there are people who we wish to banish from our lives. Those who have become toxic to our well-being and who are, whether intentionally or otherwise, antagonistic in our company. This might be colleagues, neighbors, or even general acquaintances in our social gatherings.

All these things and many more have the overall effect of diminishing our quality of life. What they exude, whether they are ethereal or physical, provide us with no benefit and in general, extract or negate the positive factors within our lives. By banishing these negative influences, we lose nothing and have everything to gain. In this world, there are, truly, things that have no benefit to us whatsoever.

My Banishing spell can achieve this for you. It can cleanse your environment, your aura, your mind, and your physical space, of those things and beings you no longer wish to associate with.nIt can also cleanse that of those you care about or perhaps someone you might want to help who is being influenced due to indirect association.

When you use my Banishing Spell, you will feel a whole new world has been revealed to you. Your environment, your physical world, and your spiritual space will no longer be contaminated by things that have no positive intention or use.

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