January 18, 2022
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Spells to Make Your Partner More Attracted To You

Sometimes finding the right relationship can be frustratingly difficult. Often there are people in our lives who might just be the right partner for us, and the matter is confused further because they often make clear that they are attracted to us. There might be just the right amount of contact, just a little bit of flirting but, for reasons known only to them, they take things no further.

Frequently we all feel that if the one small step was taken, if the right thing was said or the correct move made, then this could progress into a relationship more enduring. But nothing we seem to do or say can achieve this end. Yet still, we are confident they have an attraction to us, but is it enough?

My spell to Make Him or Her More Attracted to You does not blind a potential partner to your faults. It does not manipulate their emotions in any way. All this spell achieves is to allow your potential lover to focus on what attracted them to you in the first place and so make further moves forward to secure your company.

In doing so, this provides them with the confidence they need, and which after all, might have been the only thing preventing them from making a move in the first place.

They will feel more assured that you will not rebuff them. Their compliments, their attraction to both your physical and personal characteristics, is genuine and strong, and deep-down, they know that you will believe their intentions are sincere.

This spell works best if you want someone to reveal their true feelings for you, if you want to free them from their own insecurities, and allow their minds and feelings to build on the attraction they already have for you.

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